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Welcome to By The Way Psychology,
your guide to the world of mental health and personal development!

We are more than just a blog.

We are your companion on the journey to deep self-understanding and achieving harmony in life.

Here we strive to make psychology accessible and engaging for everyone.


This is a place where we unravel and share insights that will help you better understand yourself and others.


Uncover the mysteries of the mind and explore new horizons with us.

By The Way, psychology can be an exciting journey - let's embark on this path together!

Get life-changing answers at By The Way Psychology!

Our blog is not only informative but also an interactive space for personal growth. What exactly will you find here?​

By The Way Psychology_logo
By The Way Psychology_logo

Real-life cases from psychology practice

We share real cases from practice while maintaining the anonymity and confidentiality of clients.

Deep understanding of oneself

Our articles and resources will help you understand your own feelings, thoughts, and actions.

Explorations in the world of psychology

Sections like "Discoveries in the World of Psychology," where we share interesting findings and insights from the world of Psychology that change our perception of mental health and personal development;

"Journey into the Depths of the Mind," where we explore aspects of human thinking and behavior, helping to understand oneself and the surrounding world even better.

Personal analysis of your questions

We create a safe and confidential atmosphere where you can anonymously reach out to an expert, submit your questions, and have them addressed on the blog. Here you will receive not only answers but also an individual approach to your situation.

Practical tools

Practical exercises and techniques that can be implemented into everyday life to improve mental health.

Reflections and research

Personal reflections of the expert on psychological topics and small-scale research conducted right on the blog pages.

Психолог Наталія Горбулевич

Greetings! I'm Nataliia, the founder and the mind behind By The Way Psychology. Imagine this space as your virtual sanctuary for all things mental well-being.

My goal is to create a place where every individual can find support and inspiration for personal growth and self-improvement. A place where you can expand your knowledge about yourself and the world around you, discover new horizons, and develop as a person.

In a world buzzing with noise, By The Way Psychology is your tranquil oasis - a place to uncover insights, embrace mindfulness, and master the art of self-care. 
And your mind's journey begins with a friendly "By the way..."

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